Who is Joe?

Raised on the East Coast, and living in Los Angeles for the past two decades, Joe Steele has seen the tremendous change and growth in real estate. He spent time reading and researching the local and national market trends, which eventually led him to purchasing multiple out-of-State investment properties. After years working as an entertainment executive and business owner, Joe has taken his knowledge of event marketing and managing client expectations, and transitioned into real estate. His meticulous attention to detail, honesty and strong work ethic ensures that he has your best interest in mind.

Joe’s top priority is to learn about his clients’ interests and particular needs. He knows that buying, selling and investing in a home is one of the most important financial and personal decisions you can make. With that in mind, he is committed to guiding his clients throughout the process, incorporating excellent marketing tools and skillful negotiations. He takes the time to learn and understand the nuances of the market, researching home prices, and how these things affect you as a buyer or seller.

In addition to selling real estate, Joe is also an investor in cryptocurrency, and runs a blog, “Crypto and the House”, focusing on all things real estate and crypto. In addition to being a lot of fun, this also ensures he is at the forefront of the new and ever-changing world of crypto as it relates to real estate.

In his free time, Joe loves spending time with family, working out, learning Italian, and is an avid sports fan.